Blue and Brown Stripe Multi-Purpose Donburi Bowl Set of 2

SKU: sndom0066
Serve your donburi, soup, pasta, rice, curry, yakisoba, pho, udon and more with this traditional Japanese donburi bowl. The dark blue and brown stripes make it traditional yet still elegant. Have a restaurant-quality meal at your home or gift it to your friends or family for their birthdays, weddings or events!

        • Size/ Diameter 5.2" (13.2cm) x Height 2.9" (7.3cm) Capacity approx. 20 oz (600 cc) (when filled with water)
        • Material / Porcelain Texture/ Glossy
        • Production / Made in Japan (Mino-ware)
        • Microwave, dishwasher safe, no direct fire or oven

        There may be some imperfections such as scratches, dents, black dots, color/shape differences and weight. The actual color of the product may look different depending on your monitor setting and lighting of the room.
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