Ramen bowls
You can experience ramen like in a ramen restaurant in Japan.
Tha table of tha OMOTENASHI in Japan.
Suribachi &Surikogi.
Sophisticated mortar and pestle set.

Our Strengths

We offer Japanese made, high-quality products as they are produced and managed by Japanese  pottery artists.

We have over 10,000 items ranging from affordable to luxury tableware that would be perfect for everyday use or gifts.

We also have original products that are only available for purchase at our online store if you are looking for creative and unique tableware.

From traditional to complementary items, you’ll enjoy our large selection of products.

We believe that you’ll find the product you are looking for.

Tenmoku Shironagashi 54.1 oz Multi-Purpose Ramen Noodle Bowls with Chopsticks and Soup Spoons Set of 2
Extra Large Sanuki Udon Donburi Ramen Bowl - Black
Tenmoku Shironagashi 54.1 oz Multi-Purpose Ramen Noodle Bowls Set of 2
Extra Large 43 oz Ramen Bowl, Donburi Bowl Dragon 6.8
Tobikanna Wide and Shallow Noodle Bowls Set of 2 - Navy Blue
Kaiha Wide and Shallow Ocean Wave Noodle Bowls with Chopsticks and Soup Spoons Set of 2 - Blue
Traditional Mortar & Pestle Set (Suribachi & Surikogi) Extra Large 9.7 inches
Handmade Ceramic Mortar & Pestle Set (Suribachi & Surikogi) with Spout 4.7 inches - Black
4.3" Mini Wooden Pestle Surikogi
Hinoki Pestle Surikogi
Hinoki Pestle Surikogi
From ¥1,080
Minoruba Functional Special Waved Mortar & Pestle Set (Suribachi & Surikogi) for Both Right and Left Handed 6.8 inches Great for Gift
Ceramic Mortar & Pestle Set (Suribachi & Surikogi) with Spout 7.7 inches Handmade White Karatsu

About Mino-Ware

Mino-ware is a traditional Japanese pottery that was produced in Gifu prefecture. It represents Japanese potteries as half of the potteries in Japan are Mino-ware. Gifu is also the largest producer of Mino-ware donburi bowls, commonly used to serve ramen in Japan.

Although it has a long history of 1300 years, Mino-ware has changed over time and created stylish and multi-purpose potteries.

Our goal is to not only use Mino-ware on a daily basis in Japan but also to spread the beauty and quality of Mino-ware all over the world.

Why We Recommend Japanese Tableware

Japanese food is known as one of the healthiest meals that has been drawing attention all over the world.

It consists of rice, one main dish and two side dishes called "Ichiju Sansai”.

Rice goes well with any appetizer, and side dishes usually contain vegetables, fish and other low-calorie options.

This well-balanced meal is filling and has a lot of nutrition, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, Japanese cuisine is popular throughout the world as it brings out the flavor of ingredients without the extensive use of seasonings.

Japanese tableware plays an important role in enhancing the visual appearance of Japanese cuisine. It is used to create hospitality (Omotenashi) and relaxation that is associated with the Japanese atmosphere. Various authentic designs can be used to complement the seasons and nature.

Purchasing Items

Our products have no minimum purchase requirements and can be used for personal use and at restaurants.

We also accept bulk and wholesale orders.

Please send us an email prior to placing your order.

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