14.2" WASHO Hinoki Japanese Cypress Premium Cutting Board - Medium

SKU: washo002

This cutting board uses premium Tono Japanese cypress that's carefully selected. Hinoki has been used as the finest material for cutting boards for a long time. It is highly praised by Sushi chefs. Craftsmen use a smoothing plane for the final touch and sand paper for extra polishing. It creates a unique polished surface without ruining the beautiful wood grain. The cypress bark is gentle on your blade and makes your knife last longer. It has the best relationship with the blade, making it last longer and your hands don't get nearly as tired compared to other materials.

  • Size: 14.2" (36 cm) × 9.4" (24 cm) × 0.8" (2 cm) 
  • Material/ Tono Hinoki (Japanese cypress)
  • Made in Japan 


 Handling Instructions

1. Before Use

You may notice some oil and fat contents called resin on the product's surface or shrink wrap. Resin is a component peculiar to conifers and contains hinokitiol. This phenomenon is a result of restraining wood from drying.

Rest assured that you can use it safely as it has no effect on food hygiene.

2. Every Use  

Lightly soak it in water before use. The wet surface makes it more difficult to have food odors, stains and black spots.

3. After Use

Wash with the grain using a scrubbing brush, wipe it off with a cloth and dry it in the well-ventilated shade.


  • A dishwasher may be used; however, rinse thoroughly after washing.
  • The use of bleach may damage the wood quality and causes it to have a frayed surface.
  • Pouring boiling water after cleaning sterilizes the product and prevents dinginess.
  • Rinse thoroughly first with water and soap when cutting fish and meat as the hardened proteins can cause odors.
  • Use caution when handling boiling water.
  • The wooden cutting board may warp over time. When it warps, turn the convex side facing up and place a wet cloth on the cutting board. Put heavy weight (approximately 22 pounds) on the cutting board and leave it there for about half a day to restore it.




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