Authentic 14.5 oz Pottery Matcha Tea Cup Japanese Pampas Grass Design Wide Mouth Handmade Comes in a Box

SKU: tamc0028
Authentic handmade tea cup perfect for green tea (matcha), any other Asian tea or coffee. Tasteful Japanese pampas grass design and beige and brown color are perfect for your relaxing tea time. The wide open mouth helps to cool down drinks and it is suitable for summer tea time. The pottery's own warm texture helps you relax and enjoy the drinks. There are individual differences and unevenness due to handmade products. Comes in a box.
    • Size / Diameter 5.8 inches (14.9 cm) Height 2.2 inches (5.7 cm) Weight / about 9.3 oz (264 g) Capacity / about 14.2 oz (420 cc) (filled with water)
    • Material / Pottery Texture / Shiny
    • Made in Japan, Mino-ware, Handmade
    • No microwave no dishwasher

    This product includes outlet items. There may be some imperfections such as scratches, dents, bumps, shape differences and weight. The actual color of the product may look different depending on your monitor setting and lighting of the room. Accessories in the image are for example only. They do not come with the purchase.There are individual differences in the color and pattern.

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