3-Pack Reusable Adult Face Masks Made of Washi (Japanese Paper) with Nose Wire

SKU: wako004-s2
Simple yet durable, this face mask is made of Washi, traditional Japanese paper. The sustainable knit material is 8 times more antibacterial than cotton. It keeps your face moist and clean as it adjusts humidity based on the current environment. Also, Abacá bark is known to have UV protection. This set comes with 3 washable face masks that are eco-friendly and gender-neutral, making them deal for any occasions. 
    • Size/ Height approximately 4.9" (12.5 cm) x Width 4.3" (11 cm) measured by folding it in half
    • Material: 100% Washi Paper 
    • Made in Japan
    • Brand: Wakoh

    Tie the mask strap after adjusting it to your size. Hand-wash only with a detergent. There may be some imperfections such as color and shape differences as each mask is hand-made. Due to limited supplies, wires and straps may change. 


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